Applied Research

Frontier designs and executes human-centered research that examines problems from a stakeholder perspective. We recognize that the best solutions are the ones that can be effectively implemented, so we drive toward actionable insights rooted in each client’s own context to meet users where they are.

Your ChallengeOur Solution
…you can’t fully understand what is going on and you notice disconnects between what your people say and what they doEmploy contextual inquiry and observation to better understand the problem and illuminate the factors driving “say-do” gaps
…your decisions are Washington / US centric and don’t sufficiently consider local perspectives Access field networks for hyper-local understanding delivered in near real-time
…there are many untapped perspectives that could help solve your problemConduct empathy interviewing to uncover hidden needs and experiences

Client Snapshot

USIP is an independent, nonpartisan federal  institution funded by Congress to strengthen the nation’s capacity to promote the peaceful resolution of violent conflict. Frontier led a design-based process to help U.S. national security decision-makers better prioritize, engage, and invest in fragile and conflict affected states. As the Study Group’s Executive Agent, Frontier:

  • Conducted extensive design research: 80+ interviews across the USG
  • Prototyped policy positions for a future cabinet
  • Managed the study’s Senior Advisory Group
  • Drafted and produced final report
  • Planned and executed launch event
  • Scoped and edited 12 separate policy briefs