Designing Adaptive and Accountable Organizations

Frontier works with clients to build purpose-fit organizations. We help our clients become more flexible, adaptive, and responsive to their customers, stakeholders and employees. We work together to create governance structures that promote initiative and innovation, and empower organizations rather than constrain them.

Your ChallengeOur Solution
…you take too long to get things done or your team / organization is stuckUse organizational diagnostics to understand what stymies progress at every level
…you don’t know who is allowed to make certain decisions or all decisions are top downDesign new processes to establish clear governance authorities
…you are not reaching your widest audience or making your full potential impactConduct stakeholder mapping and build influence strategies to access critical change-makers

Client Snapshot

As a follow-on to our Fragility Study Group project, the US Institute of Peace hired Frontier to conduct a project to assess and evaluate inter-agency cooperation and organizational practices between the Departments of State, Defense, and USAID in a wide variety of contexts including crisis response, stabilization, and countering violent extremism missions. This work is uncovering insights and  lessons for inter-agency engagement from Burma, Jordan, Afghanistan, and the Lake Chad Basin region through interviews with senior officials, workshops and validation sessions, and the production of cases for short and long-term training for foreign service officers and defense officials. In support of this effort, Frontier used:

  • Organizational diagnostics
  • Process design and tracing
  • Stakeholder mapping and modeling
  • Learning cases developed for future training