Systems Enabled Strategic Planning

Frontier takes a systems-oriented approach to strategic planning. We help our clients understand the problem context, the environment, and their opportunities for leverage to position their organizations for success.

Your ChallengeOur Solution
…your path forward is unclearConduct design sessions to develop theories of context + theories of change and frame key performance questions that inform data collection schemas
…you need to align your strategies and focus with future developmentsUse scenario planning and trend analysis to understand future possibilities
…events outpace your ability to address themInstitutionalize foresight capabilities and strategies to assess critical trajectories of change

Client Snapshot

Frontier supported a national security client charged with delivering future-oriented, counterterrorism assessment products. Using the tools of design research, rapid prototyping,  and systems analysis, Frontier delivered a first of its kind assessment and analysis framework. In support of this effort Frontier:

  • Developed new assessment framework, built and prototyped it, and completed first assessment
  • Conducted 30+ interviews of senior leaders across the U.S. Government
  • Authored first-of-its kind assessment requirements report
  • Conducted systems & complexity analysis